Inspiring girls to be lifelong players

More than a game

Ballsie encourages girls to experience the many ways they can participate in sports: from playing in regular basketball games, to being an avid Bundesliga fan, or a referee. Through our actions, we want to involve girls in the sports community and help them to stay active as they grow. Because the girls of today are the mentors of tomorrow.


The power of sports

Physical activity plays an important role in living a healthy and successful life. Ballsie has set three main objectives for each girl to make the best out of basketball.

Build a community

Ballsie is a growing network of basketball teams bound by the ambition to establish equality in the acces to sports. Our first mission is to mentor youth projects and lead by example on and off the court.

Map of Berlin

Create opportunities

By offering young players the opportunity to win as a team or shine individually, we want them to start collecting achievements and develop leadership.

Support Berlin Ballers

We believe in a better representation of women in sports. We believe that allowing all athletes to play at their best level can only benefit the girls and teenager who lookup to them.

About Ballsie

Ballsie started as a project of Freibeuter 2010 and T├╝rkiyemspor, two basketball clubs based in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. We now co-host events for the community to play, talk, and show support to our athletes and volunteers.

Contact us

If you want to hear more about our projects and upcoming events, hit us up! We are also happy to meet in the gym or on the streetball court.